Fic: Sleeping Patterns

 Title: Sleeping Patterns or Why Three People Shouldn't Sleep In The Same Bed
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Paring: Hikaru Hitachiin x Kyouya Ootori x Kaoru Hitachiin
Theme set: No set theme
Rating: PG-13, just 'cause they could be naked
Warning[s]: Implied three-some.
Done For: Nu one~ But inspired from many random Tsubasa ficlets!...God, i should be doing homework


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Title: Two Is Better
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Genre: Romance
Pairings or Characters: HikaruxKyouyaxKaoru (Duh)
Warnings: hinted adult content, Unbeta-ed, BoyxBoy(xBoy)
Summary: I was held against my will if you may, sandwiched between both of them; I didn't have much choice in the matter.
Author Note: Errr.... this was written for another community contest (I think Demi won; great fic by the way). But truthfully this wasn't even written for that. It was just something I had thought about that just happened to tie into the contest. Enjoy ^^


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Fiction Search

Alright, so about seven or so months ago, I stumbled upon the most...alluring, delisious, and overly fantastic KyouTwins fiction in the world. (Livejournal's a wonderful thing, ain't it?) Only thing is, back then I didn't understand just how wonderfully awesome that fiction was! So I didn't save, or favorite or anything it. And now I'm sad T.T Thus, I'm enlisting help. PLEASE! I want to read it again!

So, here's the scenario.

The story is set in the near future. It's Tamaki's wedding to Haruhi, and Kyouya's semi-mopy--he loved him first stuff, you know--and the twins notice, inviting him back to their place to get drunk and forget everything. He goes, they get drunk, they screw--drunkenly. In the mornig, thing's are pretty awkward, and if I remember, the second chapter  details Kyouya talking with Amaya--his old classmate from the 24th episode--and it's a pretty cryptic conversation. I can't remember if it even talked about the first chapter or the sexing, but I'm pretty sure Kyouya thinks about it.

And that's all I remember. I'm pretty sure it was on LJ, or else something that looked pretty similar.

I would be enternally greatful if anyone could help me find it! I'd be, like....I dunno...Fiction-present writing thankful? But....This inability to find that fiction is making me crazy....>.< VERY CRAZY!
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Fic Request

Right. My muse is NOT dead. I do NOT have writers block. My typing fingers are NOT glued to playing tetris. Seriously.

I just have no idea what people look for in a TwinsxKyou fiction. That's it--I swear. I'm a fair writer and I've dabbled in the OT3, but never really...well...finished two-ish. Mainly because I lose heart in it, so I'm enlisting my mad skillz to this community~! Would you like to request a fic? Well, now you may, but it is possible some plot bunnies may run together, so do not be offended if your idea runs with another persons. Please. That's a condition for this! The ONLY condition. I cannot control Demi (the muse) at most times! She has a mind of her own, folks!!!

Ehem, anyway. To Request a Fic! Check out the cut~

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Sentence Fic: Two For The Price Of One

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Paring: Hikaru Hitachiin x Kyouya Ootori x Kaoru Hitachiin
Title: Two For The Price Of One
Theme set: Theme Set #1 for 3sentence  community
Rating: G-R, just for safety
Warning[s]: Minor spoiler for the anime, yaoi/slash/homosexuals, sexual themes, and very minor angst
Done For: </a></b></a>suddenkiss Because she is the Kyouya to my Kaoru, and enough of him for our Hikaru!! (And cause she really likes this OT3)







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Fic: One Two Three

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Told you I'd join~ *dances around in a frenzie of KyouKaoHika happiness and songs* I come bearing fic and a pic! (Hey, it ryhmes!) Anyway, this is...crap, generally, but you can expect more and better in the posts to come! I'm a pretty die-hard fan of KyouKao, but I can't separate the twins, so if it's the three of them, there's nothing better in the world to me. Mommy always did play favorites.

Ehem, anyway!!!!!


And for the fiction~

Title: One Two Three
Pairing: HikaKyouKao (omg! OT3!)
Rating: PG, really, nothing bad
Summary: One Hitachiin was annoying. The other was a menace. And both were impossible.
Warnings: Yaoi, cuddling--NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE! FTW!?!?!?!!!! And Fluff!!!
Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran, Kyouya Ootori, Kaoru Hitachiin or Hikaru Hitachiin, but I do own this story.
Author's Notes: Once upon a time, I wrote a one paged little story that was going to turn into a tale of lust, abandonment, revenge and stupid games. I abandoned it. Then I found it again! OMG! And I finished it with a cute little ending! And you lived happily (squealing) after!


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Welcome to the Hika/Kao/Kyou community!

First of all I welcome you all to my humble community. Hopefully lots of people will join! Not much to say here, but just like every other community, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Don't be shy to share your ideas, post your fanfic/fanart, start a discussion (which I will soon), make polls, make ff recs or just post something random like: I LUV THIS OT3! Basically you can do anything that has to do with Hika/Kao/Kyou. There just aren't enough about this OT3 out there! So come on people make this OT3 ALIVE!

And to start this off I present you with a manga scan, slightly coloured in by mwa~! (Took me 5 minutes cuz I felt bad for not bringing anythin...-guilt-)

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Click the picture to enlarge it

Luv ya!
~always sakurarnj~

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