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Fic: Sleeping Patterns

 Title: Sleeping Patterns or Why Three People Shouldn't Sleep In The Same Bed
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Paring: Hikaru Hitachiin x Kyouya Ootori x Kaoru Hitachiin
Theme set: No set theme
Rating: PG-13, just 'cause they could be naked
Warning[s]: Implied three-some.
Done For: Nu one~ But inspired from many random Tsubasa ficlets!...God, i should be doing homework


This hasn’t been the first time that Kyouya has woken up at some ungodly hour, two sets of legs wrapped around each of his own, hair in his face and a slight drip of drool on his shoulder. He thinks - knows, by the pouncing pain on his cheek bone - that he just got head-butted in the face, and from the muffled mews from Hikaru’s side of the bed, he’s sure the older of the red heads is the culprit. These nightly habits have severely decreased the hours he spent sleeping, which, in turns, effected his social skills and the ability to do his job.


It would now be neigh impossible for him to go back to sleep. 


Kaoru snuffled, too, burying his nose into the nape of Kyouya’s neck. Hikaru sniffs once, then rolls over, away from his twin and their mutual lover. Glancing over as the younger twin removed his face from the warm cocoon that a neck provided, the brunette Ootori couldn’t help but smile (even if it was just a bit sardonically) and the almost pained expression, much akin to that of a child having a nightmare. Blindly, and still asleep, Kaoru’s hand fumbles for his twin, and eventually brushes gently against Hikaru’s hip. It just...rests there.


Vaguely, Kyouya figures he could wake the twins up - make them either move, or make better use of the closeness and heat. But...that doesn’t seem like the best idea. He is still tired, and for the moment, is completely content with watching the tiny gestures that the Hitachiin brothers share. Even if he does mind when he receives to elbows to the face and must then deal with both the red head’s whining - we do not cry, they insist - when he shoves them off of the mattress. 


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